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We are excellent in Website Developing and Designing with low cost and more quality. Once we start working on websites there is no looking back. We will provide a Website which is easy to use and easy to maintain. All these will be done at a low cost which you can’t find anywhere.


We are Experienced in Advertisement Video Makings for your business , websites , Apps , Mini projects and Startup . Have a look to our Official Channel on Youtube For a Demo.


We design a variety of logos and themes which can be used for Multi purposes. These are versatile and people can freely modify it according to Their wish.If you didn't Find a better one Inform us and Get Benefits From Us.

Our skills

We are capable of providing you the best services. We will build & Fulfill your Dreams with our skills and Hardworks. Here are some of our Skills.We are Excellent & Expert in Web Designing & Graphic Designing , also , We are Experienced in Social Media Marketing , SEO & also, App Developments. See some of Our Projects.

  Website Designing

  Apps Development

  Advertisement & Marketing

  Graphic Designing


About us

Pineapplem3 is a start-up focusing on Providing IT based services like Graphics designing, web designing, Apps, and games development. Our new project Gene 1.0 is based on Artificial Intelligence. We are recently working on blogging about recent advancement in technology. We are still working to come up with new business model. Our main objective or mission is to create a software which is user friendly for both personal and business purpose.
On August 2017 pineapplem3 acquired the domain pineapplem3.Com and hosted for the budget of $60 /yr.

Our History

PineappleM3 was founded in August 2016, with the idea of making apps but any moves failed to materialize and everything came to a standstill. We tried launching again in December 2016, but as fate had it for us we again failed to launch. A decision was made in June 2017 when we started planning and started designing our business model. We started working on our site in July 2017.We launched our site in august 2017 with idea of selling themes which can be used for business presentations, Seminars, Project Works , and people from all walks of life. In the same month, we bought about an advancement to our business model.Our company was officially launched in October 2017 along with D-stores ,myWork.inc, GeneBot, My Journals.

Our Future

Our company is currently working on Artificial Intelligence softwares, games & apps development & websites Designing. We intend to expand into hardware Field into the future of developing a Smart computers & Other Devices which is useful to anyone and can be used by anyone.Our Vision for This is to make a group of people with different ideas and help each other for bring this to success and also we focus to empower the weaker sections of society by Providing Free of Cost or Non-Profit Service.We look for people who have more passion than people with better academics. We follow a policy wherein if you have the passion and talent required for our company then you’re in. Talent is what matters!